Inside knowledge is the key to enjoying that sweet spot that combines a refreshing, new experience with the sense of mastery that comes from feeling a little bit familiar with your getaway destination. It is a kind of home-and-away feeling that reassures at the same time as it restores. Feeling confident and in command, even as you get away from it all, is a sense that most folks appreciate. Inside information can be the key. This is particularly true when you consider timeshare rentals in Hilton Head.

One of the first things to know is that America’s favorite vacation island is also one of the most popular for attracting return visitors. About 40% of Hilton Head Island visitors at any given time are not first-timers, but rather faithful fans. Right away, this elevates the amount of insider information that’s available for timeshare rentals in Hilton Head – if you know how and where to look.

The First Thing to Learn is When

Because the sheer variety of fun things to do on Hilton Head Island is virtually inexhaustible, you can be confident of suiting every member of the family or the foursome or any combination of associates, friends, or loved ones. With 12 miles of beach, 32 golf courses, more than 300 tennis courts, and a 400-acre pristine forest preserve right down the road, you can get an idea of how vast the possibilities are, even if your particular interests For this reason, the first bit of inside scoop can be when to come, rather than where to go.

The shoulder seasons, the holidays, and the depth of winter are clearly the most desirable times to plan a getaway, among those who are experienced with timeshare rentals in Hilton Head. The reasoning goes like this. The reason so many people think of Hilton Head Island as a summer resort is because families discovered us first, and summer is when the kids are out of school.

More and Better

Summer is still a thrill for the families fortunate enough to already have purchased timeshares on Hilton Head Island that offer them a summer week or two. The insiders, however, know that after Labor Day everything that made summer great is even greater.

“More sand; less suntan oil,” is one way the inside information describes our world-class beaches. Tee times and court times are easier than ever. Traffic – never worthy of the word for anyone who has navigated Atlanta or New York, or Washington, D.C. – becomes almost utterly non-existent.

Even the light and the air conspire to make the so-called off-season the most beautiful time to plan timeshare rentals in Hilton Head. As the sun slides south, the autumn light seems to carve every detail of scenery like a sculpture. The sunset hits the horizon to the southwest, beyond our neighboring Harbour Town Lighthouse, and it seems to glow longer from south to north as we face it. The air itself gets gentler, reminding us of the difference between hot and warm.

A Matter of Style

The holidays and the early months of the year have become favorite times to schedule extended stays in the timeshare rentals on Hilton Head Island. It is a style of enjoyment that our summer visitors might have a hard time imagining.

A big-city theater scene takes the stage at The Arts Center of Coastal Carolina, at the Main Street Theatre, and in the intrepid theatre company known as Lean Ensemble. Insiders find the long, luxurious winter nights in the timeshare rentals in Hilton Head Island to be romantic and restorative. Our 240 restaurants have a table waiting for you.