Our sought-after summer weeks, here in Spicebush at Sea Pines, got that way because of school schedules. Families seeking a vacation they could count on every year became owners at Spicebush as their solution for making Hilton Head Island a summer getaway, when their children were school age. Lately, it seems, schools have narrowed their vacation windows, and yet here on America’s favorite vacation island, the makings of paradise last all year long. Even summer seems to last for six months. And winter here is when we switch from golf sweaters to golf jackets – and find tee times even easier to get.

Today, there is a much wider appreciation of the various versions of vacation people enjoy so much here. Once upon a time, it was a secret known to insiders. The weather, the birds, the fish, and the folks who made Hilton Head Island their home have known all along that ours is a six-month summer. Spicebush owners sometimes make their vacation villas available to rent, and so the possibilities for sampling this version of paradise are endless.

Officially in April

Summer at Spicebush begins with a big marker, the RBC Heritage Classic, the PGA tournament in April. Around Heritage time, a summer wind ushers in days that lengthen to unbelievable measures of beauty. Many pros look forward to the Heritage in a special way. “Playing the Masters and then packing up the family to head to the Heritage is like winning the Super Bowl and then going to Disney World,” one PGA champion said. The pros look forward to the family feel of Hilton Head Island, as much as to the every-club-in-your-bag challenge of the memorable Harbour Town Golf Links.

Yes, April is an early time to consider summer, and yet it is just the beginning. One of the leading golf magazines called October on Hilton Head Island the ideal golf getaway, and this should give you a good idea of the span of possibilities. High-season rates and traffic are only three months long, so this leaves a lot of time for the smart vacationer to work with.

Owners extend their stay or add a different season. Visitors discover how easy it is to rent an ideal vacation home in a place known as a neighborhood wrapped in a resort. Spicebush puts everyone in the know, and within easy reach, of the finest ways to enjoy our extraordinary island.

The Pleasure of Generations

Spicebush at Sea Pines is a vacation residence that people have passed down through the pleasure of generations, too. People who came to rent a week or two sometimes decided that coming back every year would be a good idea. Seeing their kids grow strong and happy in the Forest Preserve, on the playgrounds and beaches, astride their bikes, and on the hiking trails with the rhythms of the tidal marshes playing in the background, Spicebush visitors became Spicebush owners.