Not only is February a great time to get away to a vacation rental on America’s favorite vacation island, but this is also one of the best times to call and secure your favorite weeks later in the year. Thinking further about timing, we realize that right now is very likely the best time ever to consider owning your own place here, a vacation you can rely on every year. It has never been easier. And for a number of reasons, it is more attractive today than ever.

The Best Neighbors Around

The folks who choose Spicebush at Sea Pines as their answer to a dependable vacation in paradise every year discover that they get along with their neighbors here very well, to say the least. It is not surprising when you consider that the balance of excitement and relaxation here of things to do and a lovely setting for just being still, too, is a matter of taste. It makes perfect sense then that we have a lot in common. Spicebush is a neighborhood wrapped in a resort.

Whether just for the week or over the span of years – and even generations – Spicebush owners find that this feeling of coming back home stems not only from the embrace of Sea Pines itself, but also from being among others who understand it the same way.

Connected Directly with the Vision

Knowing that Spicebush is connected directly with the original vision that made Hilton Head Island a world-class resort – and America’s favorite vacation island according to the travel magazines, year after year – we find we are among others who understand that vision, too.

A few of the people we know here at Spicebush arrived in Sea Pines in time to know founder Charles Fraser personally, and a few had the privilege of working with him directly. As a result, we enjoy the advantage of reviewing and referring to those key factors for Sea Pines’ success that Charles put in place from the beginning. Envisioning Harbour Town, the Yacht Basin, and the vacation residences of Spicebush were among those success factors, certainly, and of course they were followed by many others.

A Golden Age Today

Yet it might be said with equal certainty that the most recent 15 years or so in Sea Pines have been a true golden age, maybe the best time ever to enjoy life in the fulfillment of the founder’s dream. Since 2005, the investment and confidence of the Goodwin family in the Sea Pines Resort has been called a rebirth, by no less an authority than Golf Magazine.

A friend who’s done a lot of work with resorts says, “You can always tell the difference that private investment makes. It shows in the details.” Still, you don’t have to look very closely to notice all the improvements and modernization measures that have been put in place in the 15 years that the Sea Pines Resort has been in the Goodwins’ hands. In fact, here at Spicebush, we are surrounded by those improvements.

From the golf courses to the Beach Club, a dedication to offering the highest levels of amenities and service is evident. We couldn’t have asked for finer neighbors.

What to Keep and What to Change

The insight for knowing what to restore, what to renew, and what to begin again is seen in the decisions that have kept the Sea Pines Resort at the forefront of destinations. Decisions like this come not only from a spreadsheet, but also from being invested personally.

Here in Spicebush at Sea Pines, our continual investment in sensible updates and improvements comes from the same kinds of decisions. The owners who serve, and the experienced property managers who carry through with the owners’ decisions are equally dedicated to keeping Spicebush at Sea Pines in its rightful place, fulfilling the inspired vision that made Sea Pines what it is and has always been.