Holiday vacations are ripe for becoming a family tradition, as more circles of friends, families, and loved ones realize that holidays don’t have to mean celebrating in the same old place. As people began to venture away from Grannie’s house for their holiday festivities, it was an eye-opener in many ways. Not only did we discover that fun is every bit as important as traditions – and a lot more likely to be memorable at that – but a getaway from the usual surroundings became something the family can enjoy before, during, and after the holidays themselves.

Offering new places for celebrating the holidays themselves turned out to be just one of the possibilities that opened with holiday vacations. The getaway makes a great lead in before the holiday season hits full stride. And as a gift that gets “opened” or announced in the Christmas celebration, those holiday vacation gifts can be taken at any time that works for your schedule. The excitement of discovering that they have a vacation in paradise to look forward to is bound to make Christmas memorable no matter when the vacation takes place.

Still, for the fortunate folks we see around us now enjoying the sparkle of Christmas on America’s favorite vacation island, there is nothing else that compares.

Like Home, Only Better

The special suitability of Spicebush at Sea Pines for holiday vacations is that the feel of this place is sort of home-like in itself. Described as a neighborhood wrapped in a resort, the neighborhood feel of Spicebush makes it especially comfortable when holiday gathering is the reason for your visit. Folks who have enjoyed a Christmas here say their favorite part of it is being near the beach, as well as the three legendary Sea Pines golf courses just down the street – and oh, the sparkle itself.

The secret ingredient in why Christmas holiday vacations on Hilton Head Island sparkle like no others is a matter of contrast. For the same reason that you can see more stars here, you also can enjoy more of the sparkle of Christmas, because bright lights were never part of the scene here in Sea Pines.

Instead of Bright Lights

From the Sea Pines founder’s original design, lights here are low. As a gentle, residential retreat, keeping this neighborhood feel was intentional, an essential part of the experience, and at Spicebush we enjoy all that we inherited from this vision. Another reason that the sparkle of Christmas lights really stands out here is that for much of the year, Hilton Head Island avoids big, bright lights to be friendlier with nature. Keeping our lights low helps make sure that sea turtles are not distracted as they navigate here to lay their eggs. The instinct they inherited, to come back to Hilton Head Island to begin the new generation is something we find easy to support in this way.

One of the rewards is that Christmas lights twinkle like stars on Hilton Head Island, rather than compete for our attention. In fact, one of the best spots for enjoying the sparkle of Christmas lights on Hilton Head Island is very near to Spicebush. The lights around the Harbour Town Yacht Basin are about the finest around, and they can be enjoyed on a stroll, rather than in a drive-by, in keeping with the gentle beauty of Christmas around here.