Whether in February or May, whether they are wearing beach coverups or golf jackets, the folks who gather at any time of year around the pool here in Spicebush at Sea Pines exchange a lot of inside information on how to get the most from their getaway. Here in a neighborhood setting, and yet surrounded by a world-class resort, there is plenty to know and plenty to do.

As they chat around the pool, one of those bits of information is right at their feet. The Spicebush swimming pool is one of the few temperature-controlled, all-season pools on America’s favorite vacation island. A friend tells us her favorite Spicebush advantage in February is the 82-degree pool. Just looking forward to it sees her through some chilly days back in Ohio.

But you can do lots better than just thinking about it. Spicebush owners make a few weeks in winter available for you to rent.

A Pleasure Anytime

Even February is a great time to enjoy Spicebush at Sea Pines. In fact, the off-season is a celebration of all that makes this place great, for residents and lucky visitors alike, because folks in the know see this as the time that brings all of fun and none of the crowds. And when March rolls around on Hilton Head Island we’ve seen the last of what we laughingly call winter.

In just a few more weeks, when the Heritage Classic Tournament approaches, the word will be out. Five hours of postcard-quality TV, telecast around the world, has a tendency remind everybody of what – right now – the insiders are savoring. If you’re feeling like now’s the time, then Spicebush is certainly the place.

A Different Way to Have It

A personal getaway, that’s what Spicebush shares with owners, visitors, and their families and friends. The only thing you can’t get away from is that feeling of being an insider, of being in touch with what the islanders know, about enjoying Hilton Head Island to the fullest. It is a feeling so fine that many choose to look into how they can take this vacation every year. Becoming an insider yourself is easier than most folks imagine.