Even before Hilton Head Island was named America’s favorite island year after year by the travel magazines, Spicebush at Sea Pines was pioneering a more personal way for people to own a vacation they could enjoy – or exchange – without the expense and demands of owning a home here. Timeshare resales on Hilton Head Island have kept these advantages within easy reach, even as demand for them has grown. The demand – and that value that comes with it – grew for a lot of good reasons.

Long before timeshare resales on Hilton Head became a hot topic, Spicebush at Sea Pines was one of the original vacation properties where people figured out how to secure a vacation in paradise that they could count on every year. In fact, the best-known of today’s timeshare systems, Marriott Vacation Club, began right here.

More Valuable than Ever

A degree of uncertainty has stayed far longer than many of us expected when pandemic precautions began almost two years ago. People everywhere, it seems, have taken a fresh look at where they live, how they work, and even how they celebrate life events and holidays with their families. Providing secure and healthy ways of enjoying life have called for a new degree of resourcefulness on the part of parents, family, loved ones, and friends.

After a brief pause in the early months of 2020, most folks came down decisively on the side of keeping a vacation in their plans. In fact, for many, the getaway they had come to count on was more important now than ever. Visitor arrivals and timeshare resales here on Hilton Head Island reflected this insistence on a vacation, as one of the elements of the lives we choose to live.

A More Personal Vacation

Where Spicebush at Sea Pines is situated, and the conveniences it offers, have made Hilton Head timeshare resales an even better idea today than when the concept was originated more than 30 years ago. Because we are a neighborhood wrapped in a world-class resort, Spicebush gives owners and visitors a more personal way to vacation:

  • Individual villas are equipped with a full kitchen.
  • There are no common stairwells, elevators, or lobbies.
  • Common areas are all outdoors, cleaned, and sanitized.
  • Our favorite restaurants are serving delivery and/or take out.
  • Grocery stores allow for pick-up.
  • We’re surrounded by a 16-mile network of outdoor leisure paths.
  • Our nearby Sea Pines Forest Preserve offers 600 acres of unspoiled subtropical beauty.
  • We’re just a short five-minute walk to one of the most pristine beaches on the east coast.

Right now, even in January, we are enjoying most of the same things we do in the summer, here at Spicebush, in the legendary Sea Pines on Hilton Head Island. It’s just less crowded. And a Hilton Head Island vacation villa at Spicebush is so reasonable, thanks to timeshare resales, that lots of folks come for weeks on end.

We hope you do, too. Give us a call and let’s plan a visit where you can find out whether Spicebush is for you.